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Hpssc Joa IT Important computer questions 2022 lets see how many of those you got

Hello everyone, today we have come with special important questions of computer science .These questions are very important from the viewpoint of HPSSC EXAM. Lets start the Quiz

JOA IT most important questions

Which penguin is mascot of linux operating system?


I PAD is manufacturing by which company?


  1. “CONNECTNG PEOPLE” is the tagline of which mobile company?


  2. Whatt is the full formm of IMEI?

    International mobile equipment company

  3. Whose motto is ” wisdom of mass principle?


  4. Which indian state implemented the cyber grameen?


  5. What do you understand by blog ?

    onlline saving the thoughts or online diaries

  6. What is tic tac toe?

    A graphic computer game

  7. GPS is developed by which?

    US army

  8. What is blue brain project?

    Humann cloning brains

  9. What do you understand by cyber bulling?

    threatining someone through internet

  10. Who invented java??

    James A Gosling

  11. Who is known as the human computer of India?

    Shakunthala devi

  12. What is the tagline of google?

    “DO NO EVIL”

  13. What is the full form of PDF ?

    Portable document format

  14. What is the name of world first microprocessor?

    ITEL 404

  15. What is the Full form of SQL?

    Standard query language

  16. What is the full form of COBOL?

    Common bussiness orientedd language

  17. What is scare ware?

    A fake antivirus

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